Revitalizing Your Home With A Renovation Loan

Revitalizing Your Home With A Renovation Loan

People choose to renovate their home for a variety of reasons. Whether you are sick of your current space and want a revamp, need a change up to improve the functionality of a space, have purchased a home that needs a little work, or want to prepare your home for a future sale, a renovation may be the right solution for you. Renovation loans are great for homeowners looking to improve their home’s livability by upgrading their kitchen, renovating a bathroom, adding an additional room, or creating a backyard oasis. Renovations are a great way to revitalize spaces in your current home without going through the hassle and cost of moving. And even better? They can increase the value of your home!

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What Is a Renovation Loan?

A home renovation loan is a loan that allows funds for renovating and repairing a home. This could include anything from completely redoing your kitchen to updating your bathroom tile. The cost of making changes to your home can vary depending on the type of renovation you are doing. Some of the most popular renovations, like updating your home’s kitchen, can be costly. A renovation loan allows homeowners to fund their home renovation projects faster without having to save up for the entire cost ahead of time. Which is great news if you are ready for a change now and don’t want to wait!

Some people add a renovation loan to their home’s mortgage, when they refinance with a cash payout, or with a home equity loan. If you are unsure of when and how to add a renovation loan, speaking with a loan officer is always a good idea. They can walk you through your options and answer any questions you may have about the process.


What Are the Benefits to Renovating My Home?

Renovations benefit you as a homeowner because they improve your living space, but they also have the added benefit of increasing your home’s appeal to potential buyers. Remodeling your home can help to boost your return on investment (ROI). While this number varies situationally, investing in improvements to your home with a renovation could increase the overall value of your home.

There are a few renovations that are known for adding larger value to homes such as creating an addition or renovating your kitchen. According to, kitchen remodels are one of the most popular renovations. Check out renovation facts and statistics from here to learn more about the kinds of renovations homeowners invest in and how much those kinds of projects might cost.


What Part of My Home Should I Renovate?

If you know you want to renovate your home but need help picking what you should remodel, then look no further! We’ll walk you through some popular renovation ideas to help you get started.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen renovations are the most popular remodel, which is no surprise. This is one part of the house that we usually spend a lot of time in and having a “bad” kitchen can seriously detract from your home’s livability. Kitchen remodels can also produce large returns by increasing the overall value of your home. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Add or change your backsplash tile
  2. Replace or paint your cabinets
  3. Update with new flooring
  4. Upgrade to the latest appliances
  5. Install new countertops
Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathrooms are another popular remodel project. Think about it: if you are house hunting and a home has outdated bathrooms, are you going to be wowed? Having a cozy and luxurious bathroom will make your house feel more like a home. Whether you’re looking to make your bathroom more peaceful or want to spice it up with funky wallpaper, a bathroom remodel is a great project to start with. Some popular bathroom renovation ideas include:

  1. Change your vanity
  2. Paint the walls
  3. Upgrade the hardware
  4. Add a shower or tub
  5. Install new tile
Additional Room Renovation Ideas

Adding more square footage to your home can increase its functionality making it more valuable to you and potential buyers. Additions come in many shapes and sizes, which could mean adding more space to the existing structure of your home or creating a separate structure. Some homeowners add mother-in-law suites to rent out on vacation rental sites like Airbnb or Vrbo, which can create an additional source of income. Some popular home addition ideas include:

  1. Add a home office, indoor gym, or playroom
  2. Add a garage
  3. Finish out your attic or basement
  4. Extend an existing room to create more space
  5. Connect separate structures on your property
  6. Add a mother-in-law suite

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Paying for a renovation upfront can seem like a daunting undertaking; but a renovation loan is a great option to help you kick-start your renovation project and make your dream home a reality. Use these ideas to get started on planning your renovation or dreaming about the improvements you might make to your home in the future. Our renovation loan can help you get one step closer to making your home exactly what you want it to be – and we’re eager to help you get started! Speak with a Loan Officer today to find out which renovation plan might be right for you.

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