Your Ultimate Home Spring Cleaning Checklist

Your Ultimate Home Spring Cleaning Checklist

Are you in the mood to do some spring cleaning? This is the ultimate home spring cleaning checklist and we’ve covered everything from the inside to the outside of your home. Put on some music and get ready for a major deep clean! Click here to download the printable version.

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– Change batteries for smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors
– Replace air filters
– Clean light fixtures & fans
– Clean baseboards
– Replace lightbulbs
– Sanitize door handles & light switches
– Clean air vents
– Shampoo rugs and carpets
– Dust blinds and clean curtains
– Dust picture frames


– Vacuum/sweep/mop floors
– Put clean dishes away
– Clean dirty dishes
– Clean the inside/outside of dishwasher
– Throw away old sponges/wash reusable sponges
– Clean sink (including the faucet)
– Wipe down countertops
– Clean the inside/outside of oven
– Wipe down stove and burner grates
– Clean the inside/outside of microwave
– Remove old food from refrigerator/freezer
– Clean the inside/outside of refrigerator/freezer
– Clean the refrigerator/freezer seal
– Remove old food from pantry
– Wipe down cabinets & backsplash
– Wipe down the inside of drawers
– Organize and remove clutter from cabinets and drawers
– Remove clutter from countertops
– Wash kitchen mats
– Clean your toaster’s crumb tray
– Wipe down countertop appliances (rice cooker, coffee machine, kettle, etc.)


– Dust & Polish Furniture
– Clean clutter from desk drawers
– Recycle unneeded paperwork
– Dust and organize bookshelf
– Dust computer and other electronics
– Sanitize keyboard and mouse
– Vacuum/sweep/mop floors


– Clean china in china cabinet
– Polish silver items
– Wipe down and/or polish table
– Clean chairs and cushions
– Vacuum/sweep/mop floors


– Dust and polish furniture
– Clean vents
– Vacuum/sweep/mop floors


– Sanitize plastic toys
– Dust and polish furniture
– Organize and remove clutter
– Vacuum/sweep/mop floors
– Wash stuffed animals


– Clean the inside/outside of toilet
– Dust surfaces
– Wipe down countertops
– Clean sink, faucet, and handles
– Clean hand soap tray/bottle
– Organize and remove clutter from cabinets and drawers
– Wipe down cabinet exteriors
– Wipe down the inside of drawers
– Vaccuum/sweep/mop floors
– Clean bath mats
– Wash towels and washcloths
– Ditch old loofas and razors
– Clean hairbrush
– Replace toothbrush
– Scrub shower/tub and remove grime
– Clean showerhead and faucet
– Replace/wash shower liner & curtain
– Remove trash from wastebasket
– Wash mirrors
– Discard expired medication


– Dust and polish furniture
– Wash sheets, duvet covers, blankets, bed skirts, and pillowcases
– Vacuum/sweep/mop floors
– Clean windows
– Organize closet and remove items you don’t wear anymore
– Clean mattress cover
– Remove clutter from bedside table(s)
– Fluff pillows


– Dust and polish furniture
– Wash blankets and pillow covers
– Wash slipcovers
– Vacuum/sweep/mop floors
– Dust electronics and sanitize remote controls
– Clean lampshades
– Fluff pillows
– Organize TV cabinet or bookshelves


– Organize shelves
– Vacuum/sweep/mop floor
– Remove clutter
– Open a door and air out the space
– Replace garage door opener batteries
– Wipe down walls
– Clean garage door


– Clean inside and outside of washer/dryer
– Clear dryer vent
– Remove lint from lint trap
– Organize supplies and remove unneeded bottles
– Wipe walls
– Sweep and/or mop floors


– Reorganize stored items and donate items you don’t want anymore
– Dust/vaccuum/sweep
– Wash windows if you have them
– Look for mildew or mold and inspect insulation



– Clean window exteriors
– Rinse outside of home to remove grime (TIP: you may want to avoid using a power washer for this step since it could damage your home. A normal gardening hose can usually get the job done!)
– Remove debris from gutters
– Check that outside faucets are working
– Clean your chimney
– Sweep deck clean & give it a rinse


– Rake leaves
– Mow the lawn
– Lay fresh mulch in flowerbeds and hedge areas
– Trim tree branches that are too close to your home
– Reseed spots on your lawn where grass is sparse
– Pull weeds


– Treat the water
– Change valves & filters
– Remove leaves and other debris

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