Six Digital Security Tips

Six Digital Security Tips

Protecting our personal information has never been more critical. From freezing your credit report to limiting who sees your posts and information on social media, digital security is a significant part of protecting yourself online. Read on to learn valuable tips to enhance your digital security and keep your online presence protected from potential threats. 

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1. Protect Your Credit Report

Credit reports are an everyday part of life, from applying for a credit card to purchasing a new home. Credit reports monitor the number of accounts you have, the ways you use your credit, and assign you a number based on your performance. Sometimes, our personal information can be compromised by bad actors on the internet or data breaches. One of the ways you can protect your digital security is by protecting your credit report and its information.

To protect your credit report, you have the option to freeze it or to flag it with a fraud alert. Freezing your credit report restricts creditors from gaining access to it, also making it difficult for identity thieves to open new accounts in your name. A fraud alert, on the other hand, notifies the creditor to take extra precautions and verify your identity and the intent to open new credit prior to extending it.

2. Get a Password Manager

How many times have you just set a new password and the next time you go to log in, you have forgotten it again? Managing multiple passwords is not easy for anyone. This constant battle leads to many people using the same password across various platforms, which can greatly reduce the safety and security of your accounts. To keep your accounts protected, consider using a password manager such as Keeper Security, NordPass, or RoboForm to conveniently store your login credentials. The best part – you only need to remember one strong master password!

3. Diversify Your Passwords

While a password manager is an excellent tool, it’s very important to diversify your passwords to minimize a digital security breach. Each of your accounts should have a unique and strong password. Incorporate both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters throughout to improve the complexity of your passwords. You can also consider using suggested strong passwords from Google, Apple, or another app that will help you to store and remember your unique passwords.

“It’s important to remember that digital security is a journey without a destination. We must continue to educate and evolve our security practices to protect ourselves in both our personal and professional lives. We must be vigilant in protecting the data we share online and think before we click on anything.”

– Dan Herbon, Chief Information Officer at FBC Mortgage

4. Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) adds an extra layer of security by requiring multiple forms of verification when logging in. Typically, this will involve something you know (your password) and something you have (authentication code from a device). Enabling MFA significantly reduces the chances of unauthorized access. To best protect your digital security, you should have MFA toggled on for any account that offers the feature.

5. Set Up Bank Transaction Alerts

Monitoring your bank activity in real-time is an effective way to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. Most banks offer the option to set up transaction alerts, notifying you of any activity. Typically, you can customize the types and minimum dollar amounts of transactions you want to see alerts for.

6. Review Your Social Media Privacy Settings

Social media platforms can often house loads of personal information, making them common places for cyber threats and a risk to your digital security. We recommend you review and update your privacy settings regularly to control who sees your posts, personal details, and friends list. Of course, be cautious of sharing sensitive information online and always be in control of your online presence.

Safeguarding your digital world requires proactive steps and a combination of security measures. By following these six digital security tips, you can navigate the online world with more confidence and reduce the risk of falling victim to schemes. Now that you’ve got your digital security up to date, take a look at our 7 Home Safety Tips For You and Your Family. Stay up to date with the latest security recommendations and stay secure!

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